Should I buy a new or used mobility scooter?

Whether brand new or used, electric mobility scooters are a valuable commodity for providing those with mobility issues a new sense of self-sufficiency and autonomy. Options to shop, socialise and interact with others are far easier to manage with our range of new and used electric mobility scooters to choose from. Wondered how to buy a new mobility scooter? Read on further, and you can start to envisage a new-found freedom in your life with the aid of your new or used electric mobility scooter. 

As with any automobile product, the type of model and subsequent pricing range is varied. Mobility scooters can range between anything from a modest few hundred pounds, right the way through to the higher end of several thousand pounds. 

Of course, this isn’t affordable nor cost-effective for everybody, so we’ve compiled this helpful guide outlining the factors to consider when choosing between a new or used electric mobility scooter. 

New and used mobility scooters – things to consider


Quite simply, the pricing bracket between new and used mobility scooters differs considerably. Regardless of the model, a used mobility scooter will be much cheaper than a new purchase. Ordinarily, the second-hand market for mobility scooters is a strong one, owing to the target audience of the product and the greater affordability they provide. 

For many people, it is not conceivable or practical to splash out thousands on a new mobility scooter when there are used options that provide the same functionalities at a much reduced price. 

Extensive knowledge of your used mobility scooter

With Able to Enable, you’ll be provided with all the knowledge you need when buying a used mobility scooter from us. Prior to purchase, we can get you up to speed with all the relevant details of the scooter and its background history, answering any queries you may have about the condition, previous usage and the suitability of the product for your needs.  

All our used mobility scooters are fully serviced prior to being sold, as we believe in ensuring you receive the best product and service, regardless of new or used. 

Reliability and warranty 

Of course, as with any purchase that has been owned previously, there is always a chance that the quality of the product isn’t as it seems upon purchase. Equally, you could take the gamble of buying a used mobility scooter and be handsomely rewarded with a dependable scooter that has no faults or issues that require costly maintenance. 

Either way, the risk is still prominent regardless of the lens you choose to view it through. A new purchase will allay any concerns you may have over things like a persistent faulty mechanism that requires lots of attention or a seat that is slightly worn and uncomfortable due to previous usage. 

By purchasing a new mobility scooter from Able to Enable, you will receive a full service that incorporates all the essential checks necessary to ensure your scooter is conditioned correctly for immediate use. A huge positive when purchasing a new scooter is the inclusion of a warranty guarantee that protects you against any faults with your purchase, covering you in the event of a sudden or unforeseen breakdown.  

With a new scooter purchase, you need not worry about paying for that new expensive part you require, incurring a high cost. Unfortunately, most used mobility scooters tend not to come with a warranty, thus increasing the level of risk taken that the used scooter you purchase will run accordingly. This is a big factor to consider when deciding what mobility scooter you opt for.


Undoubtedly the biggest factor in the performance of a mobility scooter is the battery. Being stranded whilst out on your travels would cause you unwanted inconvenience and could be very problematic, depending on your location. 

Although battery technology is much improved, the fact remains that this is the biggest consumable component and provides a significant cost if required to be replaced. 

As with all associated risks with used purchases, the battery is no exception. Given the cost of a replacement battery, there are similar comparables to a new scooter purchase against the total cost of buying a used scooter and a new battery, should your current cease to function correctly.  

Alongside batteries, tyres are the other primary component of your scooter that will be expensive to replace should they need to be. If a used mobility scooter has remained stationary for a period of time, it may be liable to having flat tyres. Discomfort during use is obviously not something you want to experience. Therefore if you purchase a used mobility scooter, be sure to check on the length of time the scooter has been unused. 

Enquire today about your mobility scooter options

Ultimately, the pros and cons of buying a new or used electric mobility scooter can depend on what your individual circumstances and needs are. If financing a new mobility scooter is something out of reach currently, we have the best range of selected used mobility scooters for you to choose from. 

We provide new mobility scooters in each of our three models – travel and folding, medium pavement scooters or large performance scooters. We also provide all three models in our range of used mobility scooter options, combining low costs with high quality.

We don’t believe that mobility scooters should be sold online, that’s why our prices are not displayed on the website. Please read our ethical policy for further details on this. 

If any of our mobility scooter offerings online pique your interest, fill out the contact form, and a member of our friendly, customer-focused team will get back to you swiftly. 

You can also arrange a home demonstration to ensure your mobility scooter fits all the requirements you need before you purchase. Contact our friendly team today, or alternatively, visit one of our showrooms, where our advisors will be on hand to assist you with any queries you may have.